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Mindset prtmsMindset prtms

MindSET PrTMS is a drug-free, non-invasive treatment for disruptions in the brain’s natural electrical rhythm, affecting how individuals think or feel. From anxiety to depression to concussions, we have seen MindSET PrTMS drastically improve the quality of life for many patients.

A referral is NOT required

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MindSET PrTMS assists with natural electrical rhythm. Just as your heart beats to a rhythm, so does your brain. Depending on the parts of your brain affected, rhythmical disruptions can contribute to symptoms such as:




Concussions/brain injury

Autism spectrum disorders



Sleep disruption

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Patient’s journeys to healing

Set free from depression
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Concussion recovery
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Beating depression
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Additional Disclosures

Results are not guaranteed or certain. Each patient’s experience may vary based on many factors. PrTMS uses specific existing third-party medical equipment cleared by the FDA for the treatment of drug-resistant depression where other treatment protocols have not been effective. Our pioneering personalized protocols are investigational in nature and are tools used to assist medical professionals in treating other conditions and must be administered by a licensed physician or medical practitioner. MindSET PrTMS by PMC does not claim to cure any medical condition, neurocognitive disorder, or disease.

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