If you are ill, or have been recently exposed to someone who is ill, please call 260-432-1800 to reschedule your appointment. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

How can PMC help you?

We specialize in non-surgical, medically conservative treatment options for pain in the spine and joints due to injuries caused by work, sports, or other physical activity.

Our mission is to restore your quality of life by helping to heal what hurts — without surgery.

Restoring the whole you

We are proud of our state-of-the-art interventional suites that allow our doctors to perform a variety of advanced treatments. We deeply care about our patients and are proud to provide in-office procedures that save you time, offer flexible scheduling, and control healthcare costs.

We are committed to making non-surgical, conservative options more accessible to patients suffering pain, lack of motion, or injury affecting their ability to work and overall quality of life.

Delivering the best care possible

Our culture is centered around providing the best care possible for every uniquely designed patient who walks through our doors. We aim to foster a culture of compassion, respect, and dignity. Every staff member in our offices aim to reach one key goal:

“To be the preferred partner for restoring the body to optimal health and to be the most trusted and respected resource for services, information, and education related to physical medicine and pain management.”

Our Experienced Physicians and Nurse Practitioners

Doctors Lazoff, Stensland, and Zolman formed the practice in 2007. At that time they were already long-established in the community as top healthcare providers. Since then, they have expanded the practice to include well-educated, knowledgeable, and compassionate nurse practitioners. Together they work as a team providing elite care in the diagnosis and treatment for our patients.

State-of-the-art facilities

Our main office in Fort Wayne is large and spacious. The lobby area accommodates many patients comfortably. We have ample office space for all of our providers. Within our procedure areas, we utilize the same sterility and cleanliness as the surgical setting, and are able to save patients time and money performing procedures at our office, rather than the hospital. Under the same roof, we offer office visits, EMG studies, procedures utilizing fluoroscopy, injections, concussion diagnosis and treatment, regenerative procedures, spinal cord stimulator evaluations and trials, intrathecal pain pump evalutions and trials and refills, and PrTMS treatment.

Travel can be difficult when you are in pain, so our doctors and their staff service patients in three locations: Fort Wayne, Angola, and Auburn.

We are proud to serve our patients in our welcoming and pristine facilities.

Ready to restore the whole you?

Call us today to schedule your appointment and begin your journey to holistic healing.