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Trigger Point Injection

Trigger points are areas of painful tightness in muscles that occur after reoccurring spasms in the muscle. An injection of numbing medicine and steroid may help the muscle relax and alleviate pain.

Before the procedure
  • There is no preparation for trigger point injections.
What to expect
  • You will first be taken to the office exam room, staff will answer your questions about the procedure and have you sign the consent form.
  • The procedure typically takes about 10 minutes depending on the number of areas being injected.
  • Staff will walk you through all aspects of the procedure as they are happening.
  • You will be allowed to leave immediately post procedure or as determined safe by staff.
After the procedure
  • Avoid strenuous activity for a couple of days.
  • Your provider may recommend deep massage to the areas injected.
  • Ice and medications previously used for pain may be used immediately and for the next few days as needed.
  • Pain relief typically occurs 3-10 days post injection. Although you may notice improvement sooner.
  • Follow up with your referring provider to document your response and discuss your treatment plan.